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Special Order Merchandise

Special orders are orders containing merchandise that is not held in regular stock and is ordered at the specific request of the customer. As such, special orders can’t be cancelled, returned or exchanged under any circumstances once Afana Home Furniture has placed the order with the manufacturer. Customer is required to pay the balance of the purchase price upon and arrange for pick-up or delivery of the merchandise within 7days from notification to customer that the merchandise is available for pick-up or delivery. Customer’s failure to do so shall not relieve Customer of its obligation to pay the entire amount owned for such merchandise. Stock merchandise

Stock merchandise may be exchanged within 7days of delivery or pick-up with management approval and is subject to a 30% restocking fee and forfeit of any delivery charges and fabric protection fees. There will be an additional pick-up charge if returned by a Afana Home Furniture delivery truck. Merchandise that was a pick-up must be returned in the original wrapping box.


Mattresses and box springs once delivered or picked-up are not subject to return or exchange without the written return approval of the bedding manufacture.

Pictures, Lamps, Accessories, and Area Rugs

May be returned within 48hours for different items or a full refund. After 48hours these items may not be returned or exchanged.

Floor Samples

This merchandise is sold “As Is” and not subject to cancellation, return, service, exchange or refund. This merchandise must be picked up within 48hours and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Approximate delivery dates are based on standard manufacturer lead times and are subjects to change. Afana Home Furniture can’t be held responsible for delays in transportation, fabric shortages, production, or other acts that may result in a delay of a Customer’s order. Failure to deliver your merchandise by the estimated delivery date will not give customer the right  to cancel the order without the express written consent of Afana Home Furniture.


Purchases $.01 to $ 1000 = 6- payment plan. 1/6 down, 1/6 in 30 days and the remaining 1/6 in each month

Purchases over $1000 = 12- payment plan. 1/12 down,  1/12 every 30 days until final payment is made.

No layaway on purchases that total less than $ 100.00.

The first installment is a restocking fee and is non-refundable. Any layaway cancellations will be charged the restocking fee and any remaining credits will be given as a store credit. Store credits are good for 90days.There is no refunds.

Late installments (more than 5days) will be charged a $5.00 processing fee. If an installment becomes 30days late, the restocking fee will be charged immediately and any remaining credits will become a store credit for the customer.

The price of the doll on the date the layaway is started is what the layaway order will be billed at, whether the doll goes on special or has a price increase later.

We do not accept any new layaways between 12/1 and 12/31 of each year.

To place order on layaway, please place the order through the secure server on this web site and under “Special Instructions” note that you are purchasing under the layaway plan.

There are absolutely no refunds, exchanges or changes on layaways. Damaged merchandise can be returned for the same item only. Layaway precautions

Remember: Until the final remittance is made, the good or service belongs to the seller. If it goes out of business you may be out of luck. Doing business with reputable dealers and people you know of course will protect you against this. As a store owner, you’re totally protected because you remain in possession of the sold item until you are fully remunerated. In any case, either party should keep payment records that are acknowledge by the other party, with some written evidence of that acknowledgement, like a receipt.